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Gulf Arab leaders to 'get tough' on Iran?

Recently added to the NewsBriefs section is this headline from Reuters about the two-day meetings of the Gulf Cooperation Council:

Gulf Arab leaders to get tough on Iran and Syria - Reuters

Here is why the 'get tough' Reuters verbiage is in quotes in our NewsBriefs headline:

"We trust Iran but we don't want to see an Iranian nuclear plant which is closer in distance to our Gulf shores than to Tehran causing us danger and damage," GCC Secretary-General Abdul Rahman al-Attiya said ahead of the opening on Sunday.

Followed shortly by this:

"This [an agreement on peaceful nuclear technology] will pave the way for a Middle East agreement in which Israel could eventually become part of ... this will prompt the international community to press Israel to open its (nuclear sites) for inspection...," Attiya added.

Note the subtlty of mentioning Iranian nuclear plants but Israeli nuclear weapons. While Reuters chooses to explain this as the GCC 'getting tough' on Iran (and their nuclear plants), it is obvious that the end-game is not the Iranian program, but rather the Israeli program.

Also worthy of note was this quote from the GCC Secretary-General Abdul Rahman al-Attiya:

"What concerns us now at this stage is that the [Iraqi] elections succeed and a government that includes all parties is formed, one that will support the rebuilding of Iraq."

Maybe the nations of the GCC (Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar) would do well to implement these principles within their own states.