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Iran not 'a few months' from Nuclear Weapons

While the title of the UK Independent article is: UN chief urges West and Iran to cool brinkmanship over nuclear programme, IAEA Director General ElBaradei does little to allay fears and the sense of urgency on the Iranian nuclear program by offering up one of the shortest timelines (if not the shortest) to a nuclear-armed Iran yet.

Although IAEA officials have said it would take at least two years for Natanz to become fully operational, Mr ElBaradei believes that once the facility is up and running, the Iranians could be "a few months" away from a nuclear weapon.

Several news sources (namely Al-Bawaba and The Jerusalem Post) are citing the “a few months” quote from the UK Independent’s interview without prefacing it with the UK Independent’s note that the IAEA believes Natanz is at least two years from that point. The UK Independent should be applauded for that important context. [TW Note: One of the above was cited in the NewsBriefs here today and now reflects the UK Independent article lnked above.]

The question that begs to be asked of Mr. ElBaradei and the IAEA is, “Where was this two to three-year assessment months ago when Western agencies were predicting five to ten or more years before a nuclear Iran could emerge?”


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