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Why Marines Love Battleships

Why do the Marines fear the Navy's scuttling the last two battleships?

On the modernized battleships, 18 big (16-inch) guns could fire 460 projectiles in nine minutes and take out hardened targets in North Korea. In contrast, the DDX will fire only 70 long-range attack projectiles at $1 million a minute. The new destroyer will rely on conventional 155-millimeter rounds that Marines say cannot reach the shore. Former longtime National Security Council staffer William L. Stearman, now executive director of the U.S. Naval Fire Support Association, told me, "In short, this enormously expensive ship cannot fulfill its primary mission: provide naval surface fire support for the Marine Corps."

The DDX Overview states that it 'meets USMC fire support needs'. There is an obvious discrepancy in the definition of 'USMC fire support needs'.