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Congress Fails to Fully Fund Iran Democracy Efforts

From the House Committee on Appropriations comes word of the failure to fully fund the $75M requested by the administration to assist in broadcast/telecast/satellite communication efforts into the people of Iran.

  • Promotion of Democracy in Iran - The committee did not fund the $75 million requested by the Administration for the promotion of democracy in Iran because it was poorly justified. Instead, $56 million was provided through proven, existing programs that will have an immediate, positive impact on the fostering of democratic ideals in Iran.

We aggree with Regime Change Iran and share mutual concern over the future of not only the above bill, but the sincerity of peaceful efforts to empower the people via information and peacefully attempt to change the current regime.

The $75M was not enough and, as it was, decades late in the game. To see Congress slash the belated efforts by nearly one-third out of the gate, in light of the current urgency, borders on disconcerting.