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Sons of al-Anbar Cycle Through to Secure Ramadi

This morning, 220 new Iraqi Police recruits left the Ramadi Glass Factory for initial training in Baghdad just as 196 stepped off a bus returning from their successful completion of the same in the constant effort to bring security to their slice of the Sunni Triangle.

PoliceSays Capt. Roger Churchwell, “I receive a lot of self satisfaction in helping to rebuild the Iraqi Police Force in Al Anbar. We are securing the future of Ramadi and making history at the same time. We currently have over 900 Iraqi Policemen going through the IP Training Academies in Baghdad and Jordon, and this group will take us over 1,100. A few months ago achieving these numbers was just a dream, and the dream has become reality.” As more and more continue to cycle through at increasing rates, the Iraqi Police force continues to grow in both size and experienced effectiveness...as critical in Ramadi as anywhere in Iraq.

The following is the partial text of a press release on the newly graduated Ramadi IP's return home to Ramadi. It is proof once again that, while often difficult, there is more to a day in Iraq than IED's and suicide attacks.


RAMADI, Iraq – “We are the future of Iraq, each and everyone of us. We believe in our cause. The conditions we are living in now; with the insurgency and terrorist around us, is no way to live life. We will make a difference for our sons and daughters,” said a newly appointed Iraqi Policeman, as he stepped off the bus at the Ramadi Glass Factory, on the morning of March 24, 2006. [...]

“There is no difference between Sunni and Shia, we are all Iraqis. One thing we learned at the police academy is that we must work as one family to win against the insurgency,” said a police graduate.

In the coming days, these IP graduates will be measured for their uniforms and will receive the following: work boots, individual body armor, and weapons. Additionally, they will receive additional training designed to introduce them to patrolling the neighborhoods of Ramadi.

“When the buses pulled in this morning I walked up to the first bus, opened the bus door and welcomed home the Sons of Al Anbar. To me, opening that bus door signified opening the door to their futures, and a new start for the Iraqi Police to create a stable and secure environment for their fellow citizens of Iraq,” said Capt. Roger Churchwell, a resident of Kansas City, and the Iraqi Police Liaison for the 2/28 BCT.


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