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Annual Terrorism Report

A real short note here - expect a highly politicized attack on the Bush Administration starting at just after noon today. The State Department's annual terrorism report will show that terror attacks have risen sharply. My G-d! That's terrible! How could that have happened?

Because Congressional legislation changed how we count. So the rise is not attributable to a rise in attacks, but that man other types of violence are now included in the report. When you see the Democratic news conferences after noon today, expect that the rise in the number will be the primary talking point, with a follow-on that the Republicans are not stopping terrorism. Be prepared because it is coming.

Refer to the preview report from CNN. The key section that makes this year's number an apple and orange comparison to last year's number is as follows.

The official said the incidence of terrorist acts tallied in this year's report will be up significantly because of new congressional legislation mandating that domestic acts of terrorism be counted as well. For example, deaths as a result of sectarian attacks among Iraq's ethnic groups will be counted, as will around 30,000 kidnappings by Maoists in Nepal.

The important points for the warfighters in this report are that the terrorist groups are more decentralized and more lethal. Refer to my previous posts regarding the Global Jihad (here and here). The train is heading down the tracks and neither bin Laden, Zawahiri, or al Zarqawi can control it. Glick's article describes how the groups have expanded the war. Like a black hole of evil, everything nearby gets sucked in. The clash of civilizations is underway and this report will show that extremist Islam is everywhere.

Unfortunately, what I predict that you will hear on the news after the report is made official today is that Bush is failing - "Just look at the numbers!" "Look how bad the other guy is - vote for me!" And politics is the last thing we need if we are serious about fighting a war to keep civilization free.