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Deporting al-Arian is Mindless Folly

America can hardly deport an illegal immigrant, yet after Sami al-Arian confessed and pleaded guilty of supporting and funding the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, that is precisely what awaits him. A confessed terror fund-raising enabler is set to be freed from prison.

Wizbang shows the face of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad al-Arian supported and funded by appropriately displaying graphic pictures of yesterday's bloody PIJ bombing of Israeli civilians at a Tel Aviv restaurant.

Iran and Syria also fund the PIJ, as well as Hamas, who in their governance sanctioned the murder of the nine Israeli civilians as legitimate resistance.

Two questions remain:

1. To what nation does the federal government propose al-Arian be deported? Iran? Syria? Perhaps the West Bank?

2. Why deport a terrorism middleman rather than imprison him, essentially allowing him to simply continue his terror funding from the soil of another nation?

The Counterterrorism Blog has links to the pertinent legal documents, including the Plea Deal. In the entry, Steven Emerson quotes Bill West's important observation regarding deporting al-Arian:

One possible difficulty in the deportation agreement: Since al-Arian is a stateless Palestinian convicted of a terrorism-support felony, deporting him may become particularly difficult. Toss in the reality of 'Hamas-stan,' assuming the goal is to send him to the Territories, and things become very dicey. Hopefully, ICE, DOJ, and the State Department have been working feverishly behind the scenes to make something work in all this and will be able to boot him soon. If not, and he languishes in ICE detention like Al-Najjar did, notwithstanding the terrorism conviction, it could become another PR nightmare for the federal government. [Emphasis added.]

Americans should be less concerned about a 'PR nightmare' and more concerned that al-Arian is not welcomed into Hamas-stan, either as a first or second stop after deportation, where he can continue his jihad.

Deporting terrorists and terrorist enablers while they are in positive custody is not ‘brilliant’. It is dangerous, ill-advised and detrimental to the security served by detaining them in the first place.

Many Guantanamo detainees have been killed or captured again in Afghanistan after their release. Is there any doubt that the same fate of resumption awaits not only al-Arian, but also Israelis who have the audacity to eat at restaurants and are therefore apparently guilty of engaging in Warfare By Dining?

With all due respect to Mr. West, there is nothing 'brilliant' about this legal paperwork if the guilty party walks free to resume his activities. Is simply 'knowing' that al-Arian admitted guilt serving security more or is preventing his activities?


I swear we have whole brigs full of guys who are guilty of the same crimes . . . yet he gets a plane ride "home" . . . curious.

"The audacity to commit Warfare By Dining".
I like that.
Now that's something to consider - is the DOD on this? If the terrorists ever move to California....