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Saudi Wahhabi's Fatwa on Shi'ite Hizballah

Via Captain's Quarters, ever vigilant, comes word that a leading Saudi sheik's fatwa against Hizballah, forbidding any measure of support for Hizballah, including joining, funding or even prayers.

al-Qaeda has trained many men in Hizballah's Bekaa Valley. Perhaps Sheik Abdullah bin Jabreen did not consult fellow Saudi Wahhabi, Osama bin Laden.

Page two offers some interesting background on the Wahhabi fatwa against the Shi'ite terrorist group.

The division between Sunnis and Shiites goes back to the Koran. Mohammed's son in law, Ali, claimed that he had been chosen as his successor, and to this day Shiites believe that Ali held the true claim to the Caliphate. Sunnis believe the prophet made no such choice and recognize the line of Caliphs that began with Abu Bakr, the choice of the prophet's companions after his death.

One can pick up some of this history in Mr. Jebreen's fatwa. In it he refers to Shiite Hezbollah as "rafidhis," meaning rejecters. In his religious edict, Mr. Jebreen writes, "Our advice to the Sunnis is to denounce them and shun those who join them to show their hostility to Islam and to the Muslims."

"Three years ago, I have not been seeing chatter along such lines.This became more prevalent following [the dead Al Qaeda leader in Iraq] Zarqawi's declarations against Shia. Iraq has a lot to do with this," Ms. Katz said yesterday. A week before Zarqawi was killed in June, he gave a four hour sermon entitled, "Did you get the message of the Shiites," where Ms. Katz says he portrayed the Shiites as the enemies of Sunni Muslims.

Evidence that, absent a US or Israeli target, certain sects of both the Sunni and Shia would likely simply redirect and consume each other instead.

Will there ever be an end?