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“Fear” - A Nation on Edge

This is developing news.

As I write this, the San Antonio airport is paralyzed because a flight attendant considered that a passenger was spending too much time in the bathroom on a flight from Atlanta. Bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in and they have found “something of interest” in the bathroom.

This could be a real incident, or yet, it could be another "fire drill." I certainly don’t know, and at this moment, the authorities don’t know either.

I am not suggesting that our increased diligence is unwarranted, because it is! But what I am saying is that ever since the disclosure of the liquid bomb plot in London last week, we have been a nation on edge. We are approaching the fifth anniversary of what many consider the worst and most devastating day in our Nation’s history. We have heard that the London bomb plot was a plan. And we have heard that August 22 could be a day of significance with Iran. And we have witnessed a succession of incidents in West Virginia, in Seattle and now in San Antonio, all reacting to the specter of an impending terrorist attack.

We also know from reports that our security is lacking when it comes to the detection of these purported liquid explosive bombs.

From this perspective, the terrorists (and if it is al-Qaeda), in my opinion, are winning right now. They have us on edge, or at least "off guard."