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War is War

At The Washington Institute, Ehud Yaari describes how the Israeli leadership, political and military, put itself in the position of a perceived draw with Hizballah. He then posits with undeniable clarity:

But the mediocrity and lack of sophistication in some of the army’s upper echelons was not the problem so much as the decision-making process at the highest political levels. War is not just another operation, not a large incursion, and not a pressure tactic. War is war.

With Hizballah effectively in the driver's seat, Yaari briefly describes the choice before Nasrallah and Hizballah: Either play along with the UN Ceasefire and re-arm before averted eyes or make a political move within the Lebanese parliament to officially make Hizballah an arm of the Lebanese armed forces.

Either way, Round 2 is likely coming in short order. Better for Lebanon to reject Option B.