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But What of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Mr. Abbas?

PA President Mahmoud Abbas came to the UN and said Thursday that a Palestinian Unity government will recognize Israel. When we first saw this, we posted a link to the story in our NewsBriefs section and added a note to the NewsBrief rather than an excerpt.

[TW Note: There’s just one thing missing: Hamas’ statement to the same, the other half of ‘Unity’.]

From the original article:

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told the U.N. General Assembly Thursday that the planned national unity government will recognize Israel.

The Hamas-led Palestinian government that won elections in January has refused to recognize Israel, end violence, and honor past agreements between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization, which Abbas heads....

"I would like to reaffirm that any future Palestinian government will commit to all the agreements that the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian National Authority have committed to," he said.

We also intended to revisit the issue here shortly addressing with a little bit more detail the fact that Hamas has not said the same, lest a reader be misled that some sort of major step forward between the Palestians and the Israelis had just ocurred.

But the good Captain has already done precisely that. From Captain's Quarters:

This will be a neat trick. Hamas has repeatedly stated in the last few months that it will not recognize Israel, and since they hold a majority of seats in the Palestinian assembly, Abbas' ability to deliver on this promise appears problematic at best.

One has to assume that Abbas hammered that deal out during the negotiations. If so, then Hamas won't kill him when he returns. However, the rank and file of Hamas may start wondering whether to turn on its own leadership, especially those who have lost relatives foolish enough to conduct suicide-bombing missions. And Hamas is not the only problem. Islamic Jihad has never joined in Palestinian self-government, preferring to remain unsullied by the stench of compromise and negotiation. Other smaller groups with less formal leadership will present Abbas with even more difficulties in enforcing this new policy.

The ThreatsWatch response is quite simply: "Concur"

Just one more observation: Is this 'Unity Government' going to enforce against recalcitrant PIJ, al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Hamas members who don't quite feel up to recognizing Israel or PLO agreements?

UPDATE: Question answered: What About Hamas? "No To Abbas."