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Farewell To An Ally?

Daniel Freedman notes a 'leaked memo' that portends a 'farewell tour' next year for America's strongest ally in the War on Terror. As commentors note in the post, his domestic policies come under sharp criticism in Britain, an aspect of his political existance that goes largely unnoticed in the United States.

However, whoever fills his shoes will likely be nowhere near the reliable partner in the War on Terror that Tony Blair has been. Not even close.

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It will probably be Chancellor Gordan Brown, who is certainly not anti-American like many in Labour, but he hasn't ever shown much interest in security issues. Of course he has been chancellor, so his job has been economics and finance.

But the British economy has turned down in recent years, and the British pay lots of taxes for paltry little in terms of government services. Dissatisfaction is high with education and health care, and there have been finance scandals. I expect Brown to be concerned more with political survival than anything.

Tony Blair will be missed.