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Justice in Waziristan

It only took days for the Taliban to freely assert itself in North Waziristan, unbound by the menace that Musharraf's Pakistani army presented. Taliban Justice has been meted out upon a 63-year-old man.

However, only five days after the accord was signed in Miranshah, the capital of North Waziristan, the security forces found the bullet-riddled body of 63-year-old Rahim Jan near a Preaching Centre on the outskirts of Miranshah. A note found on the body said the white-bearded man who hails from Ederkhel Tribe of Teshil Mir Ali confessed to spying for Americans during interrogations, and anyone doing such a thing will face the same fate.

The note did not specify when Rahim Jan had been captured by the militants. The letter further claimed that a CD carrying images of the man confessing that he was an American spy would be released in a few days. This is the first target killing in North Waziristan since the government and militants struck a peace deal on Tuesday. Under the deal, local militants or Taliban had agreed to stop target killings in the tribal area.

Truly no surprise, sadly.

And while the headline to the story reads "Pak deal with Taliban in jeopardy," this is certainly an exaggeration. Don't expect Musharraf to drive his army into the heart of Waziristan over the corpse of a 63-year-old man (or several dozen of them for that matter), regardless the nature of the death.

Simply put, expect it when he fears those opposed to al-Qaeda and the Taliban more than he fears the Taliban and al-Qaeda themselves. It really is that simple.