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Somalia FM: al-Qaeda Pouring In Terrorists

With the Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) essentially under siege, surrounded by the Islamic Courts Union in Baidoa, the Foreign Minister said that al-Qaeda is feeding the war in the Horn of Africa. From the UK's Independent:

As peace talks between the fragile transitional government and the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) broke down, Ismael Mohamoud Hurreh told The Independent that war would break out in the Horn of Africa if the Islamic Courts "are not checked definitively".

He accused the Islamic Courts, which control the capital, Mogadishu, plus large swaths of southern Somalia, of bringing radical Islamist fighters into the country. "They are coming by ship. Look who is coming through Mogadishu port - al-Qai'da, people from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Yemen and Chechnya."

Chechen 'rebels' find that most of the action now lies beyond their own territory. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are common human resource centers. bin Laden's native Yemen is largely untamed 'wild west' territory rife with al-Qaeda & al-Qaeda supporters, and is a stone's throw across the water from Somali shores and therefore the final leg in the journey to jihad in Africa.

Just as Jordan's King Abdullah has spoke of a forming Shi'a crescent from Iran to Lebanon in the Middle East, there is also sought after a Sunni Crescent in Africa. al-Qaeda- through the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) - is squeezing westward from the coast of Somalia while Sudan is already reaching toward the east into Chad.


You look at Africa and it is being rimmed with Islam and now it is moving to the center. Even South Africa is fertile ground. The circumference complete, Africa will be 100% Muslim in a hundred years, maybe a lot less. Of course, things change, but the trend is there and has been there. Islam is on the move.

I've tried to get the President's attention on this issue. Darfur is not just a genocide issue. They are being thrown out (or burned out) of their homes and shot or beheaded.

This is so that al Qaida may roam freely in the occupied lands that they conquer. And we're the imperalists? Arghh.