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The JFK Plot: Sunni-Shi'a Cooperation

While we investigate, research and analyze developments and background regarding the terrorist plot to bomb fuel storage tanks at JFK Airport, ThreatsWatch will publish interesting details via RapidRecon. Earlier, Kyle Dabruzzi noted the more troubling stated operation of "to smuggle individuals, including mujahideen, from Asia into Guyana and then into the United States."

One other interesting and noteworthy item is that the development of the JFK plot included interconnection and cooperation between Shi'a and Sunni terrorist groups. Abdul Kadir, the former Minister of Parliament (2001-2006) in Guyana, is Shi'a Imam in Guyana. The named among his network (see the formal complaint) included Abdel Nur, a Shi'a also from Guyana, and Kareem Ibrahim, a Shi'a imam of "one of the two leading Shia mosques in Trinidad," according to a report in the Trinidad and Tobago Express. Interestingly, Kadir was arrested trying to make his way to Venezuela, presumably enroute to Iran.

Kadir was arrested around 11 a.m. on Friday at the Piarco airport trying to board a flight on Venezuela, while Ibrahim was held around the same time at his mosque in Tacarigua.

Kadir was heading to Iran via Venezuela for an Islamic conference.

The former Minister of Parliament is a very powerful and connected man. Knowing this begs the question: "What Islamic conference in Iran?" Even still, finding an Islamic conference in Iran is about as easy as finding a Christian conference in Georgia or Alabama. Was this the true purpose of the trip or was Kadir tipped off through his extensive network? When were the tickets purchased? Did they include the connecting flight to Iran? Was he looking just to get across the border into the friendly confines of anti-American and Iran friend Hugo Chavez's Venezuela?

Kadir arranged for JFK plotter Russell Defreitas and the "Source" to stay at Kareem's home while facilitating a meeting with the leader of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, a Sunni terrorist group that attempted a coup in Trinidad in 1990. Though unnamed in the complaint, Jamaat al-Muslimeen's leader is Yasin Abu Bakr. See also here then here.

Shi'a Kadir was arranging a meeting between the plotter and the Sunni Jamaat al-Muslimeen and Abu Bakr for funding and further support for the JFK attack. And the Shi'a Imam Kareem had later sent an emissary to show the plan to "contacts overseas who may be interested in purchasing or funding it."

Who were those contacts? Where were those contacts? Who was (or would have been) sent as the liaison? All questions that are surely being asked in interrogation.

But what should be recognized is that there is quite a developed terrorist network(s) in Guyana, and that there is no apparent reservation for cooperation among Sunni and Shi'a terrorists there when it comes to attacking the United States. Guyana has an operation that had, until now, flown well beneath the radar. The involvement of at least one former Minister of Parliament elevates it above the horizon. As Kyle rightly said in the title of his previous post, there is certainly "more than meets the eye" in the JFK terror plot story.


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Someone needs to convince the Democratic Liberals in the US Congress that Radical Islam is at war with the West and we are the PRIME target. The Europeans have thrown in the towel; the Congress has taken a half assed approach to border security and, other than FOX, the Major Media outlets don't have a clue.

Most of all, the US Congress needs a Wake Up Call. The President needs to stand before them and point fingers-name names-, make the links, in public, of the Representatives and Senators, that are directly or indirectly sympathic to the Arab cause; starting with Nancy Pelosi.

Time to Wake Up and get ugly, kick ass and don't stop taking names until the CIA and Special Forces has have cleaned house WorldWide. It is time to arrest those of influence, that finance and support, freeze their banking and kill those directly involved and linked to terror without compassion-world wide.

Good ole boy George Sorus has decided he wants to run the world and he's softening it up for the bad guys by trying to change world opinion to his vision of goodness. He is another on that needs his wings clipped in a major way; the question is how.

Media has done everyting it can to take the focus off what is really going on, in the name of political correctness, and diverted attention away from what is important.

WE ARE AT WAR AND NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE; THE ENEMY IS ALREADY HERE. Time to Deport and Intern, Profile and Watch.

R. Kelley